Risk is an inevitable part of life. Businesses and individuals alike face numerous risks which can hamper the achievement of goals and vision if not properly managed. Risks are better managed when handled by people with expertise in that field. When it comes to the management of insurable risks, VANGUARD INSURANCE BROKERS is your preferred choice.


Vanguard Insurance Brokers Limited (VIB) is a licensed Life and General Insurance Brokerage firm incorporated in 2017 as a Ghanaian-owned private limited liability company. Manned by some of the finest and experienced persons within the industry, VIB is steadily carving a niche as one of the fastest growing customer-oriented start-up companies in the Insurance sector. We are devoted to exercising our duty of care by seeking the best interest of our clients without compromising professionalism and integrity. Management of business risks is key to the sustainability of every business; hence, our reason for existence.


At VIB, we serve our clients by identifying individual and business risks and providing expert advice on strategies to mitigate such. Accordingly, we conduct rigorous assessment of our clients’ business environment, internal procedures and controls to ascertain both existing and potential business risks; whiles keenly monitoring developments within both the local and international insurance markets. Our expertise centres on commanding extremely competitive rates on behalf of our clients and putting forward the most suitable insurance policies thereof. We take charge in pursuing our clients’ claims under the various insurance covers in real time. Given the mandate to fulfil our reason for existence, we enable our clients to focus on theirs; and at absolutely no cost.



  • To Offer Financial Security Through Regular Review and Placement of Our Client’s Policies.

The VIB Values

Our philosophy stems from four well-established Core Values that distinguish VIBamong insurance brokers in Sierra Leone:


  • To Offer Financial Security Through Regular Review and Placement of Our Client’s Policies.

The VIB Values

Our philosophy stems from four well-established Core Values that distinguish VIBamong insurance brokers in Sierra Leone:


  • I. Risk Assessment
    Conduct of rigorous assessment of business operations to identify risk exposure, and recommend the appropriate insurance cover.
  • II. Insurance Audit
    Review and management of existing insurance portfolio to ensure good value for money.
  • III. Premium Negotiation
    Command competitive rates and secure discounts on proposed policies.
  • IV. Claims
    Responsible for pursuing claims on behalf of our clients and ensure that payments are made in real time.


Professional Expertise – We are staffed by some of the finest and experienced persons in the industry who can competently handle all your insurance requirements. VIB deploys best management practices to ensure excellence in all we do.

Convenience – VIB will be at the beck and call of its clients. We deliver protection to your doorstep!

Speed – The brand is young, creative and vibrant. We expedite our services with speed.

Cost efficiency – We secure the best premium rates for your comprehensive cover.

Board of Directors

Mr. Daniel Awuah-Darko

BA (Econ.) ACII Executive Group Chairman

DANIEL AWUAH-DARKO is the Executive Chairman of the Vanguard Group and the Ag. Chairman of Vanguard Assurance, a Chartered Insurer who holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons) degree in addition to the Associate Diploma of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London.

He had his insurance education at the Chartered Insurance Institute/London School of Insurance after which he had an intensive programme of field training in the London Market. Joining Vanguard Assurance in 1993, he has had the benefit of offshore training at Munich Re, Germany.

He possesses over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry both overseas and locally.
He currently serves on Boards of several companies.

Dr. Gideon Amenyedor

Dr. Gideon Amenyedor

PHD, FCII, MBA, Bsc Admin, Executive Vice-Chairman

Dr. Gideon Amenyedor holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Finance from the Central University of Nicaragua and an MBA as well as B.Sc (Admin) from the University of Ghana Business School. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Insurance UK.

He was the Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Assurance Company Limited from 2009 to 2013.

Prior to his appointment with Vanguard Assurance, he was the Director of Technical Operations at the National Insurance Commission (NIC). He also worked as the Senior –Marketing Manager at Ghana Re.

Dr. Gideon Amenyedor is a part-time lecturer in Insurance at the University of Ghana Business School.

Jefferson Sintao

Mr. Jefferson Kwasi Sintao

Country Manager

Mr. Jefferson Kwasi Sintao, the Country Manager of the company gained technical experience from Vanguard Assurance Company Limited and Imperial General Assurance Company Limited both in Ghana where he previously worked.

He managed the setting up Brokers Department at Imperial General Assurance Co. Ltd. and later went to Vanguard Assurance Company Ltd as the Head of Brokers Department. He is a distinguished Insurance Underwriter and Marketer.

Jefferson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Post-Harvest Technology from the University of Ghana College of Consumer Science. He is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute in UK. He has Certificate in Selling and Negotiation Skills from Charted Institute of Marketing Ghana and also Selling of Insurance & Financial products qualification from Ghana Insurance College.


At VIB, our clients have access to a combination of standard insurance products, as well as products that are tailored to their unique circumstances. Through VIB, customers can access all the standard products available on the market, grouped into the following categories:

Provides cover for contract works, materials or any part thereof that shall suffer any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause. The policy can also be extended to cover other cost such as clearance of debris, Professional fees and more subsequent to the event giving rise to the claim. All Risks Policy also provides:
  • 1. Third Party Liability Cover: This indemnifies the insured against all such sums which the insured shall become legally liable to pay as damages arising out of accidental bodily injury to or illness of third parties whether fatal or not;
  • 2. Accidental loss or damage to property belonging to third parties occurring in direct connection with the contract and happening on or in the immediate vicinity of the site during the period of insurance.

This insurance policy provides cover against any unforeseen or sudden physical damage to property of the insured whether it is At work, At rest, In the process of being dismantled for cleaning or overhauling, Being shifted within the premises and In the process of being re-erected subsequently.

This Insurance cover caters for the risks associated with the construction/erection of machinery, plant & steel structures involving very little civil engineering works. There is a seeming similarity between the Contractors All Risk (CAR) and the Erection All Risk (EAR) but it is worthy of note that they are not similar. While the CAR provides cover for civil works and mostly structures needed to house or support the expensive machinery & equipment for a project, the EAR policy covers the erection of such Plant and Machinery.

This insurance indemnifies you for loss, damage or destruction to any of the properties insured (i.e. office building and contents among others.) from any cause whatsoever except where specifically excluded. The protection afforded by the policy is very wide and embraces any accident or misfortune not expressly excluded within the territorial limits defined in the policy. These exclusions include damage as a result of War, Invasion, and Contamination by radioactivity, wilful act of negligence, etc.
Also, it is required by law that all commercial buildings are insured against fire, collapse and public liability (i.e. third party injury and property damage). These would be covered under the asset all risk insurance when arranged.
This insurance is popularly known as "Loss of Profits" or "Business Interruption" Insurance.

• Where business premises is destroyed or damaged by fire, the resultant interruption to business may cause a disastrous trading loss, which an ordinary fire policy does not cover.

The Consequential Loss Policy is designed to provide indemnity against trading losses as follows:

  • a) Continuing overhead expenses which have to be met out of reduced earnings.
  • b) Net profit loss due to a reduction in the volume of trading, wages of key employees although not gainfully employed during the interruption period, but whose services have to be retained until business returns to normal;
  • c) Also wages in lieu of notice or redundancy payment to employees whose services are no longer required;
  • d) Additional working cost reasonably incurred in order to overcome or minimize the effect of the damage upon the premises.
    The premium for this insurance is based on the rate charged for Fire insurance on contents only of the premises and is dependent upon the indemnity period selected which is usually 6 to 12 months.

This policy provides owners and or financiers with a cover against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from fire and allied perils breakdown, short circuiting etc to equipment such as Computers, Medical, Bio-Medical, Micro Processors, Audio-visual equipment etc
This policy is available on three different levels;
  • A. Third Party Cover
    This is the minimum cover required by law to drive on our roads. This cover indemnifies the insured in respect of their legal liability for :
    • i. Injury to or death of third party
    • ii. Damage to third party property
  • B. Third Party Fire and Theft
    In addition to the benefits described above, this cover provides protection as a result of loss or damage caused by fire or theft of the vehicle itself.
  • C. Comprehensive
    This is the widest form of cover available. It includes the benefits given by each of the two mentioned above and damage to or loss of the insured’s own vehicle arising out of:
    • i. Accidental collision or overturning
    • ii. Theft of vehicle
    • iii. Fire
    • iv. Malicious damage
This policy provides protection against legal liabilities which may be incurred as a result of accidental bodily injury and/or accidental damage to the property of members of the general public which may occur on the insured’s company premises.
This policy provides indemnity in respect of an employer’s legal liability to his workmen for personal injury, fatal or otherwise where such injury occurs in the course of their work.

Employees are covered against the following events:

  • 1. Permanent Disablement
  • 2. Temporary Disablement
  • 3. Accidental death
  • 4. Medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident
Aside from satisfying the requirements of the Workmen’s Compensation Act , this policy would motivate your staff especially manual workers to give off their best.

This policy provides protection for the insured against death and bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means resulting independently of any cause within the period of insurance.

The cover provided by this policy is not restricted to work related accidents alone but provides a twenty – four-hour cover. This policy is strongly recommended for all your senior staff members as it would serve as a great incentive to them.

This policy covers loss of or damage to commercial or industrial properties caused by fire, lightning and allied perils such as flood, impact, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, riots, strikes and civil commotion.

This policy provides your premises with cover against fire and allied perils and theft of specified goods and office fixtures and fittings.

Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination

We provide both marine cargo and machine Hull insurance to all our clients.

Marine cargo Insurance

This Insurance Policy offers protection to Importers and Exporters of all products (i.e. petroleum products, trucks, plant and equipment etc.) against loss, theft of damage to goods or property conveyed by sea, air, road and other waterways such as rivers, lakes and canals. It also provides indemnity to the insured for accidental damage or loss to the insured property as a result of perils such as storm, jettison, fire, sea water damage.

Marine Hull Insurance

This policy protects ship-owners against Loss or damage to hull, machinery of the vessel and legal liability of the ship-owners on the high seas.

There are three main clauses in marine insurance business
Institute Cargo Clause

This provides the least cover in marine insurance. The perils that are covered are, of distress, General average sacrifice and jettison.

Institute Cargo Clause “B”

This clause (cover) gives a wider maritime cover than the clause “C”. In addition to the cover granted under “C”, the following perils are covered under clause “B”. Earthquake, volcanic eruption and lightning, washing overboard by sea water or wind, Entry of sea, lake or river water into the vessel causing damage to the goods. Total loss of package overboard or dropped into the sea while loading or unloading from the vessel.

Institute Cargo Clause “A”

This clause is comprehensive in nature and thus covers “All Maritime Risks”. It covers virtually every peril except the specified excluded perils.

This policy covers the insured for loss or damage caused by Fire, accidental collision, impact or overturning of the conveying vehicle. It also covers loss by theft only following accidental collision or overturning of the carrying vehicle or conveyance whilst your insured property is in transit